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Five Easy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Let me begin by saying that I’m really not a morning person, so when I say ‘easy breakfast ideas’ I really do mean ‘easy’. When you have kids, mornings are hectic enough so I’m not about to make life more complicated. Sometimes a bowl of cereal is fine, and sometimes it just isn’t enough to fill up their little tummies (and it can get boring), so all of these kid-friendly breakfast ideas are minus the cereal. These are breakfasts that {Read More}

2-Minute Egg-Free French Toast Recipe

When you hear ‘egg-free’ or ‘dairy-free’ attached to a recipe, you’re likely to think ‘taste free’ or that you need some special ingredients. I’m so happy to report that this isn’t the case with this egg-free French toast recipe…It’s yummers! OK, But is it really that easy? Little Miss Mini Yummers has an egg allergy, so French toast (or eggy bread as we often call it in the UK) just isn’t an option. Add that to the fact that I’m {Read More}

How to Make Healthy Bread that’s Not Brown

If your grown-up gives you a choice of white or brown bread, I’m betting you choose white every time, right? Well, grown-ups often try and get you to eat more brown bread because it’s usually healthier than white bread, but Mini Yummers has an answer: Healthy white bread! Yep, we’re going to show you how to make healthy bread that’s not brown. In fact it’s called Brilliant Butter Bean Bread, and it’s easier to make than regular white bread, as {Read More}

Greens, Eggs & Ham Cups

Not only are eggs super-good for us but they are easy to make into loads of yummy dishes too. Our baked eggs and ham recipe is one of the quickest and easiest you’ll find, and they are especially good at breakfast time. The best thing about this recipe is that you can choose what goes into it according to your tastes–and everyone can have something different ’cause they are individually baked in a muffin tin. If Dad likes things hotter {Read More}

How to Make Bagels

Whether you like your bagels with chocolate spread at breakfast time, with cream cheese for lunch, or just toasted with butter for a snack, they make a tasty, chewy change to the usual bread roll.  Would you like to know how to make bagels yourself? It’s really fun, and we’ll learn a bit about the history of bagels along the way. Step this way… The Perfect Bagel Is… Bagels should be dense and chewy, with a shiny crust, and will {Read More}

Easy Healthy Breakfast Muffin Recipe

  Who doesn’t love a muffin? And when you’re allowed to have one of these healthy muffins at breakfast then you’re sure to get your day off to a good start. Our apple and granola muffins are full of fibre, fruit, and milk–just like any breakfast should be. They are the perfect option if you are late for school, or maybe you can even sneak one into your lunchbox! Is It Really OK to Eat Muffins at Brekkie? These muffins {Read More}

How to Make Easy Peasy Cereal Bars

These cereal bars are so yummy you could eat them at breakfast, as a healthy sweet treat in your lunchbox, or even as a dessert after your dinner. There are two great things about this recipe for making your own cereal bars: 1) it’s easy and 2) you can design it to suit your tastes. Because they’re our favourites, we’re going to give you the recipes for chocolate & cranberry, and apple & raisin, but you can alter the basic {Read More}

How to Make Your Own Yogurt – Simple Science

Yogurt is one of those things that we know comes from milk, but we’re not really sure how it turns from milk to yogurt. It’s actually really simple, and we can make our own yogurt using only 2 ingredients, a thermometer, and a bit of science.   Stuff You’ll Need  1 pint of whole milk 1-2 tbsps plain live yogurt* A thermometer, a sterilised storage jar, a warm place * Most natural yogurt is live, but check for any added {Read More}

Good-For-You Granola: Made in Minutes, Scoffed in Seconds

  Granola is a sweet and crunchy cereal to munch at breakfast time, and it’s good for you too. This granola recipe is really versatile, so you can put in whatever fruit and extras that are your favourites. Yep, you can design your own breakfast cereal! It’ll also make the grown-ups happy, as this version is healthy as well as being much, much cheaper than the granola you buy in the shops. Stuff You’ll Need 150g (2 cups) oats 65g {Read More}

See How Easily Kids Can Make Fluffy Pancakes

  Put up your hand if you love fluffy pancakes for breakfast… Put up your other hand if you love fluffy pancakes at any time… OK, I have to put my hands back down now so I can type. But, who doesn’t love pancakes? I’m talking about the delicious, light and fluffy American-style pancakes we usually drown in maple syrup, not the type we usually eat on pancake day with lemon juice and sugar–although they are yummers too. But these {Read More}

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