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Five-Minute Festive Fudge

  Fudge usually needs high temperatures and big pans–not two things you’re looking for when cooking with kids–but this easy-peasy fudge doesn’t take any messing around or fiddling with thermometers. There is some stovetop action required, but we aren’t talking high temperatures here. Of course, your child should always be supervised in the kitchen. This fudge could not be easier to make. In fact, there are really only 2 main ingredients. Although we’ve made ours extra festive with some cranberries, {Read More}

Chocolate Pine Cones: Perfect Place Card Holder

The beauty of these edible chocolate pine cones, apart from them just being beautiful to look at, is that you can give them as a gift, or use them as place card holders for dinner on Christmas Day. Oh yes, they are also yummy too… of course. They aren’t really that tricky to make–it just takes chocolate buttons and some melted chocolate–but there is a bit of construction involved, if you want to get them looking their wintery best. You’ll {Read More}

Candy Cane Chocolate Hearts: Cute & Easy Gift to Make

  Another day, another easy gift for younger kids to make. Although I must confess that I enjoyed making this one too–simple ideas are often the best! This candy cane chocolate heart looks fabulous when finished and is cheap to make too. Candy canes are easily found in the UK now, even discount and pound shops have them. Our snowflake sprinkles were from a supermarket (I think Tesco) and the chocolate is just a standard milk chocolate melted in the {Read More}

Reindeer Hot Chocolate Cones: Great Gift for Kids to Make

Easy peasy to make, some cutting and sticking for fine motor skills, measuring of ingredients for math skills, and a great contribution to a school fair; anyone you make this reindeer hot chocolate cone for Christmas would be a most grateful recipient. The cellophane cones can be bought for a couple of quid from eBay, and you can use our free printable for the details if you don’t have any other craft supplies to hand. A printable instruction label is included {Read More}

5-Minute Microwave Mug Cake Recipe for Kids (Eggless cake)

Just a quick and easy recipe for today, but a yummers one nonetheless, and a perfect one for kids to make. The microwave mug cake is a great recipe to have on standby when you need something chocolatey, and quickly please! Ours has an added molten middle of delicious chocolate spread, for added yumminess, but this recipe works without it too. I was going to call this recipe 5-Minute Melting Middle Microwave Mug Cake, but that seemed a bit of {Read More}

Easy Banana Bread Recipe

Do you have a sad looking brown and spotty banana left at the bottom of the fruit bowl? Well, this easy banana bread recipe needs that sad, spotty banana–in fact, they are the best kind! Banana bread is one of the easiest peasiest recipes we have on Mini Yummers, and of course the banana adds so much yumminess and goodness too. If your family doesn’t scoff the whole loaf right away, you can slice up what’s left and freeze the {Read More}

Super-Easy Bakewell Tart Recipe

PROBLEM: Bakewell tart is yummy, but you think it must be tricky or takes a long time to make. SOLUTION: Our easy Bakewell Tart recipe! We could have also called this article “How to Make a Bakewell Scrunch”, as the pastry is scrunched into shape instead of using a proper tart case, but it tastes just the same, it’s just a million times easier to make (OK, maybe not a million, but a lot). Top the pastry base with some {Read More}

Easy Carrot Cake Cupcakes

“If these cakes have veggies in them, does it mean they are a healthy snack?” Ummm, no. These carrot cake cupcakes might be healthier than most, but they are still very much a treat food. However, making yummy cakes that use carrots and oil as two of the main ingredients, are definitely healthier than cakes that use butter and chocolate as their main ingredients, so we can enjoy this little treat every now and then without too much worry. Did {Read More}

5 Tips to Perfect Pancakes this Pancake Day

  Why do we only eat pancakes once a year? They are so yummy and easy to make that we really should eat them much more often. I think we get a bit scared about making them in case we end up with a big soggy mess, or we flip them so high they stick to the ceiling (I’m looking at you Daddy Pig :)). But if you follow our top tips this Shrove Tuesday, your pancakes will be perfect. {Read More}

Welsh Bara Brith: Yummy Cake for St. David’s Day

Spring is here! I’m sure I just saw some sunshine, and there are definitely daffodils trying their best to push through all that boggy mud. And daffodils mean St. David’s Day, which means it’s time for some traditional Welsh food. Bara Brith, make your entrance… It’s not often that a recipe covers three Mini Yummers topics in one, but this traditional Welsh Bara Brith has it all: It’s healthy and delicious–no butter and only a small amount of sugar make {Read More}

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