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Homemade Gnocchi Recipe: Quick and Easy Dinners for Kids

    Gnocchi is a really quick and easy dinner for kids to make and eat. You don’t even need to peel a potato… If you’re used to seeing gnocchi in a packet, or only have it when you go out to eat, then this homemade gnocchi recipe is going to come as quite as surprise. It’s so easy and cheap to make that you’ll never want the packet stuff again. Yes, I know you’ve probably heard that before but it just so {Read More}

How to Make Falafel the Easy Way

  What are falafel? Falafel are like little burger balls, but they are made from chickpeas instead of meat. They taste really yummy when you stuff them inside pita breads, or when served as part of a main meal. Our version is super easy, with added sweet veggies to make them healthier and more appealing to kids. The traditional type of falafel are deep fried, but we shallow fry ours to boost their healthy properties and to make it safer {Read More}

Easy Cheesy Cauliflower Soup

Think you don’t like cauliflower that much? This easy cheesy cauliflower soup recipe is just the thing to make you change your mind. Soup is one of the best ways of eating vegetables, as sometimes, eating veggies on their own just isn’t that nice. Our butternut squash soup is a big favourite here, but this cauliflower soup is waaaaay easier and quicker to make. It tastes just like cauliflower cheese although is much healthier and doesn’t have that strange texture {Read More}

How to Make Butternut Squash Soup

Like many kids, Miss Mini Yummers isn’t a fan of vegetables, and yet she will cheerfully polish off a bowl (or two) of this delicious veggie-packed soup every time I make it. So it’s about time she, and you fellow mini yummers, learned how to make this yummy butternut squash soup. Even if you aren’t keen on vegetables usually, I guarantee you will love this recipe. There’s some preparation of vegetables where you will need a grown-up’s help, but we’ve tried {Read More}

5 Tips to Perfect Pancakes this Pancake Day

  Why do we only eat pancakes once a year? They are so yummy and easy to make that we really should eat them much more often. I think we get a bit scared about making them in case we end up with a big soggy mess, or we flip them so high they stick to the ceiling (I’m looking at you Daddy Pig :)). But if you follow our top tips this Shrove Tuesday, your pancakes will be perfect. {Read More}

Who Invented Macaroni Cheese?

Did you know that macaroni cheese is actually a UK invention? Yep, even though we think of all pasta dishes as being Italian, the idea for macaroni cheese actually came from a British woman hundreds of years ago. We’ll learn more about that later, but for now, let’s make some awesome mac and cheese. Stuff You’ll Need 40g butter 50g flour 800ml milk 180g cheddar cheese 200g macaroni 4 slices of bacon or Quorn bacon (optional) A 300g jar of {Read More}

How to Make Yorkshire Puddings That Are Better Than Grandma’s

  Do you want to make the best Yorkshire puddings ever? Even better than the ones you eat at Grandma’s? Do yours turn out more like flat pancakes than Yorkshire puddings? Well, here’s the secret… or three… The Three Secrets to a Perfect Yorkshire Pud 1. Make sure the pan is hot and sizzling with oil before you pour in your pudding batter–this is a grown-ups job though as the pan has to be really hot. 2. Let your batter {Read More}

How Do You Make Pasta? Check Out This Ravioli Recipe

Everyone loves pasta, but to most of us it just appears in a nice shiny bag on the supermarket shelves–we have no idea how it is made. So how do you make pasta? Well, it’s really easy and actually only has 2 ingredients. It’s so simple. We’ll take a look at how to make a basic pasta that you can make into whatever shape you want, and then we’ll make a nice filling so you can make some yummers butternut {Read More}

Why Do Onions Make Us Cry? Onion Rings Have the Answer!

  Have you ever wondered why onions make us cry? Let’s make onion rings and find out about those mean old onions along the way! The Science Bit When an onion is cut, the cells inside it are broken. When these cells are broken, an acid is released. This acid is now in the air, as a gas that you can’t see, and it travels upwards. When this gas reaches your eyes, it reacts with the water in your eyes. {Read More}

What do Mexican Kids Eat for Lunch?

As you tuck into your packed lunch at school, have you ever wondered what children in other parts of the world eat for their lunch? Do they eat sandwiches in countries like Mexico? If not, what do Mexican kids eat for lunch? Let’s find out, and make a Mexican lunchtime favourite: quesadillas. What’s for Comida? In hot countries like Mexico, it’s typical for children to have a snack in the morning and then have a lunch at home when school {Read More}

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