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Homemade Gnocchi Recipe: Quick and Easy Dinners for Kids

    Gnocchi is a really quick and easy dinner for kids to make and eat. You don’t even need to peel a potato… If you’re used to seeing gnocchi in a packet, or only have it when you go out to eat, then this homemade gnocchi recipe is going to come as quite as surprise. It’s so easy and cheap to make that you’ll never want the packet stuff again. Yes, I know you’ve probably heard that before but it just so {Read More}

Easy Banana Bread Recipe

Do you have a sad looking brown and spotty banana left at the bottom of the fruit bowl? Well, this easy banana bread recipe needs that sad, spotty banana–in fact, they are the best kind! Banana bread is one of the easiest peasiest recipes we have on Mini Yummers, and of course the banana adds so much yumminess and goodness too. If your family doesn’t scoff the whole loaf right away, you can slice up what’s left and freeze the {Read More}

Easy Cheesy Cauliflower Soup

Think you don’t like cauliflower that much? This easy cheesy cauliflower soup recipe is just the thing to make you change your mind. Soup is one of the best ways of eating vegetables, as sometimes, eating veggies on their own just isn’t that nice. Our butternut squash soup is a big favourite here, but this cauliflower soup is waaaaay easier and quicker to make. It tastes just like cauliflower cheese although is much healthier and doesn’t have that strange texture {Read More}

How Is Chocolate Made? A Guide for Kids

Is there anything more yummers than chocolate? Nope! We munch our way through tons of the stuff, but have you ever wondered how chocolate is made? Here is an easy guide to show you how chocolate gets made from the cocoa bean to the bar. We’ve included a yummy chocolate chip cookie recipe to try too. It All Starts at the Cacao Tree Cocoa pods on the cacao tree get picked when they are a burgundy brown colour–this is when {Read More}

How Do You Make Pasta? Check Out This Ravioli Recipe

Everyone loves pasta, but to most of us it just appears in a nice shiny bag on the supermarket shelves–we have no idea how it is made. So how do you make pasta? Well, it’s really easy and actually only has 2 ingredients. It’s so simple. We’ll take a look at how to make a basic pasta that you can make into whatever shape you want, and then we’ll make a nice filling so you can make some yummers butternut {Read More}

Where Do Nuts Come From?

We use nuts in loads of recipes on Mini Yummers, and even if you haven’t tried any yet I’m sure you’ve eaten peanut butter, scoffed Nutella chocolate spread, munched on peanut M&Ms, or even snacked on salted or roasted nuts. But have you ever wondered where nuts come from? Do they grow on trees or in the ground? We’ll give you the answers and then we’ll make some delicious and healthy roasted nuts to snack on. What Are Nuts? Nuts {Read More}

How Do Bees Make Honey? A Guide for Kids

So, you know that honey comes from bees, but how do bees make honey? Kids ask this question all the time, and it’s because most grown-ups don’t even know the answer! Here is an easy explanation and a quick-and-tasty recipe to make honey flapjacks to show off your learning. There are many different types of bee, but only the honey bee can make honey. And it all starts when they visit a flower… How Bees Make Honey–Step-by-Step The flower that {Read More}

How to Make Your Own Yogurt – Simple Science

Yogurt is one of those things that we know comes from milk, but we’re not really sure how it turns from milk to yogurt. It’s actually really simple, and we can make our own yogurt using only 2 ingredients, a thermometer, and a bit of science.   Stuff You’ll Need  1 pint of whole milk 1-2 tbsps plain live yogurt* A thermometer, a sterilised storage jar, a warm place * Most natural yogurt is live, but check for any added {Read More}

What Every Kid Should Know About Chocolate Spread

  The first thing you should know is that making your own chocolate spread is easy, and you don’t even need to use the hob or the oven. The second thing you should know about chocolate spread is that the popular Nutella brand of chocolate spread isn’t as good for you or the planet as you might think. Nutella Ingredients Sugar Palm Oil Hazelnuts Milk powder Cocoa Soy Lecithin – Is an emulsifier and is used to stop the ingredients {Read More}

Clever Kids’ Guide to Making Your Own Cheese

When you start munching on your cheese sandwich at lunchtime, have you ever thought about how cheese is made? How does milk go from being a liquid to a solid cheese? Let’s find out, and even try making our own cheese. It’s easy! How is Cheese Made? Cheese is made by adding a bacteria or something acidic to milk. The bacteria or acid causes the protein in milk–called casein–to huddle together in tiny clumps. These tiny clumps are called the {Read More}

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