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Christmas Food Crafts for Kids

Fancy doing something a bit different with food today, other than making something yummy to eat? Then why not make something from food that smells yummy, but that also looks good hanging up as a Christmas decoration instead? There are loads of Christmas food crafts for kids to do, but we’ve just settled on four favourites. We know you’re busy, and besides, there are loads of yummy edible gifts you can be making too. You don’t need anything fancy to {Read More}

Candy Cane Chocolate Hearts: Cute & Easy Gift to Make

  Another day, another easy gift for younger kids to make. Although I must confess that I enjoyed making this one too–simple ideas are often the best! This candy cane chocolate heart looks fabulous when finished and is cheap to make too. Candy canes are easily found in the UK now, even discount and pound shops have them. Our snowflake sprinkles were from a supermarket (I think Tesco) and the chocolate is just a standard milk chocolate melted in the {Read More}

Homemade Gnocchi Recipe: Quick and Easy Dinners for Kids

    Gnocchi is a really quick and easy dinner for kids to make and eat. You don’t even need to peel a potato… If you’re used to seeing gnocchi in a packet, or only have it when you go out to eat, then this homemade gnocchi recipe is going to come as quite as surprise. It’s so easy and cheap to make that you’ll never want the packet stuff again. Yes, I know you’ve probably heard that before but it just so {Read More}

Beltin’ Bonfire Banger Buns: Yummy Fireworks-Night Food

  REMEMBER REMEMBER, THE FIFTH OF NOVEMBER GUNPOWDER, TREASON, AND PLOT. I SEE NO REASON WHY GUNPOWDER TREASON SHOULD EVER BE FORGOT This little rhyme was drummed into me in primary school, and yes, I still remember. What I remember more fondly, from the fireworks nights/bonfire nights/5th of Novembers of my childhood, is the fireworks displays and the yummy, comforting Autumn food I got to eat afterwards. Well, all that ohhing and ahhing at fireworks is a cold business on {Read More}

10 Halloween Treats for Kids to Make

  Mwah ha ha ha [my best evil laugh]. Yes, it’s that’s spooktacular time of the year again, where you can feast on yummy treats and get all dressed up in your most ghoulish outfit. And when it comes to treats, Mini Yummers has got you covered with ten Halloween treats that are great for kids to make–no tricks! We have a mix of sweet and savoury, and even one or two that are a little healthy, but all of them are {Read More}

Sesame Seed-free Hummus Recipe

  Can you really make sesame seed-free hummus that is as delicious as the sesame-laden original? Well, after much messing around in the kitchen, I think this comes pretty close. And all that time in the kitchen means that I’ve done the hard work for you: literally chuck it all in the blender and zap, it’s done. Both Miss Mini Yummers and myself have a sesame seed allergy, and although lots of food has sneaky sesame seeds in it in a {Read More}

How to Make Falafel the Easy Way

  What are falafel? Falafel are like little burger balls, but they are made from chickpeas instead of meat. They taste really yummy when you stuff them inside pita breads, or when served as part of a main meal. Our version is super easy, with added sweet veggies to make them healthier and more appealing to kids. The traditional type of falafel are deep fried, but we shallow fry ours to boost their healthy properties and to make it safer {Read More}

Simple Dimple Crackers

Would you believe that you can make cracker bread using only 2 ingredients plus some water? It’s true, and these crackers (much like Jewish matzo bread) are easy and quick to make as you don’t have to wait for the yeast–because there isn’t any. This crispy flatbread is the perfect after-school snack, and is yummers with butter, jam, cheese spread, or just enjoyed on its own. Stuff You’ll Need 2 1/2 cups plain flour (plus extra for rolling) 1 cup {Read More}

Trouble-Free Focaccia Bread Recipe

You may not have heard of focaccia bread, but what if I was to tell you that without it, pizza would not have been invented. Imagine a world without pizza! Focaccia is quite a flat bread, but it is very airy and soft, and delicious to eat. It’s a type of Italian bread, and it’s thought to be one of the oldest breads ever invented. Let’s make some 🙂 Stuff You’ll Need 500g (3 1/2 cups) white bread flour (also {Read More}

Super-Easy Bakewell Tart Recipe

PROBLEM: Bakewell tart is yummy, but you think it must be tricky or takes a long time to make. SOLUTION: Our easy Bakewell Tart recipe! We could have also called this article “How to Make a Bakewell Scrunch”, as the pastry is scrunched into shape instead of using a proper tart case, but it tastes just the same, it’s just a million times easier to make (OK, maybe not a million, but a lot). Top the pastry base with some {Read More}

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