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5-Minute Microwave Mug Cake Recipe for Kids (Eggless cake)

Just a quick and easy recipe for today, but a yummers one nonetheless, and a perfect one for kids to make. The microwave mug cake is a great recipe to have on standby when you need something chocolatey, and quickly please! Ours has an added molten middle of delicious chocolate spread, for added yumminess, but this recipe works without it too. I was going to call this recipe 5-Minute Melting Middle Microwave Mug Cake, but that seemed a bit of {Read More}

How to Make Healthy Bread that’s Not Brown

If your grown-up gives you a choice of white or brown bread, I’m betting you choose white every time, right? Well, grown-ups often try and get you to eat more brown bread because it’s usually healthier than white bread, but Mini Yummers has an answer: Healthy white bread! Yep, we’re going to show you how to make healthy bread that’s not brown. In fact it’s called Brilliant Butter Bean Bread, and it’s easier to make than regular white bread, as {Read More}

5 Tips to Perfect Pancakes this Pancake Day

  Why do we only eat pancakes once a year? They are so yummy and easy to make that we really should eat them much more often. I think we get a bit scared about making them in case we end up with a big soggy mess, or we flip them so high they stick to the ceiling (I’m looking at you Daddy Pig :)). But if you follow our top tips this Shrove Tuesday, your pancakes will be perfect. {Read More}

Welsh Bara Brith: Yummy Cake for St. David’s Day

Spring is here! I’m sure I just saw some sunshine, and there are definitely daffodils trying their best to push through all that boggy mud. And daffodils mean St. David’s Day, which means it’s time for some traditional Welsh food. Bara Brith, make your entrance… It’s not often that a recipe covers three Mini Yummers topics in one, but this traditional Welsh Bara Brith has it all: It’s healthy and delicious–no butter and only a small amount of sugar make {Read More}

Make Perfect Scones Using These 3 Science Tricks

A perfect fluffy scone with plenty of jam (and maybe some cream) is one of the yummiest treats ever. But shop-bought scones are always tough, a little dry, and a bit tasteless. I promise you that making perfect scones at home is easy peasy, and they are way more yummers than anything you buy in the supermarket. We just need a little helping hand (or three) from our friend Science. How Can Science Help? 1. We will bake our scones {Read More}

What Makes Jelly Wobble (Or Jell-O Jiggle)

Whether you call it jelly or jell-o, everyone loves that colourful, wobbly, jiggly dessert. But have you ever wondered what makes jelly wobble? The Science of Jelly Making jelly is like a science experiment with something yummy to eat at the end. You need a combination of three things to make jelly: temperature, water, and a gelling agent. Jelly–also called Jell-O in America–changes shape with the change in temperature. You need a temperature of between 0 degrees and 20 degree {Read More}

Why Do Apples Turn Brown?

Apples make a yummy and healthy treat, but they can be annoying to eat sometimes. And then, if your grown-up has been really helpful and cut them up into pieces for you, they start to go all brown and yucky. Why is that? Apples Turn Brown Because… There is something in apples called PPO (polyphenol oxidase), which is an enzyme. Enzymes are things that do all the work to make sure cells can live their life. Once you cut into {Read More}

Here’s a Quick Way to Make Bread Using No Yeast

Making bread is really easy, but if you need some in a hurry it can be a bit boring waiting around for yeast to do its thing and make the bread dough rise. BUT, there is another way. You can use our quick bread recipe to make some soda bread in super-quick time. And you don’t need yeast to do it, this quick bread is made thanks to a chemical reaction… Stuff You’ll Need 500g plain flour 2 tsp bicarbonate {Read More}

How to Make Your Own Yogurt – Simple Science

Yogurt is one of those things that we know comes from milk, but we’re not really sure how it turns from milk to yogurt. It’s actually really simple, and we can make our own yogurt using only 2 ingredients, a thermometer, and a bit of science.   Stuff You’ll Need  1 pint of whole milk 1-2 tbsps plain live yogurt* A thermometer, a sterilised storage jar, a warm place * Most natural yogurt is live, but check for any added {Read More}

Why Do Onions Make Us Cry? Onion Rings Have the Answer!

  Have you ever wondered why onions make us cry? Let’s make onion rings and find out about those mean old onions along the way! The Science Bit When an onion is cut, the cells inside it are broken. When these cells are broken, an acid is released. This acid is now in the air, as a gas that you can’t see, and it travels upwards. When this gas reaches your eyes, it reacts with the water in your eyes. {Read More}

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