The Great British Bake Off Quiz – Are You a Star Baker?

This baking quiz tests both your baking knowledge and your knowledge of the Great British Bake Off TV show–so let’s see if you’ve been paying attention…

- Do you know your GBBO? Star baker or soggy bottom.

1. Which of these baked goods is likely to give you the problem of a soggy bottom?
2. Which of these GBBO incidents went viral?
3. A tuile is a type of...?
4. The winner of the first ever Great British Bakeoff was...?
5. What kind of nuts are used when making a traditional Bakewell tart?
6. Which Bakeoff judge doesn't mind a strong alcohol taste in baked goods?
7. Which of these tips for rolling the perfect Swiss roll doesn't work?
8. In the current series, who got Mary's disapproving look for not making his own fondant?
9. Which of these ingredients would you NOT find in a traditional Victoria Sponge?
10. The dough for focaccia should be of what consistency?



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Please note that this is in the “Grown-ups Allowed” section of the website. There are no rude words or anything that would offend or upset little guys, but the knowledge required is geared toward adults (although I’m sure my clever little mini yummers would do pretty well:)).


Test your baking knowledge

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  1. Fun quiz! Can’t believe that I am a star baker! Must make a nice batch of cookies to celebrate!!

  2. Can’t believe I only got 50 out of a 100, thought I was better than that. Definitely need to do better and brush up more on my skills.

  3. Woohoo! Am a star baker!

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