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Sesame Seed-free Hummus Recipe

  Can you really make sesame seed-free hummus that is as delicious as the sesame-laden original? Well, after much messing around in the kitchen, I think this comes pretty close. And all that time in the kitchen means that I’ve done the hard work for you: literally chuck it all in the blender and zap, it’s done. Both Miss Mini Yummers and myself have a sesame seed allergy, and although lots of food has sneaky sesame seeds in it in a {Read More}

Five Easy Breakfast Ideas for Kids

Let me begin by saying that I’m really not a morning person, so when I say ‘easy breakfast ideas’ I really do mean ‘easy’. When you have kids, mornings are hectic enough so I’m not about to make life more complicated. Sometimes a bowl of cereal is fine, and sometimes it just isn’t enough to fill up their little tummies (and it can get boring), so all of these kid-friendly breakfast ideas are minus the cereal. These are breakfasts that {Read More}

2-Minute Egg-Free French Toast Recipe

When you hear ‘egg-free’ or ‘dairy-free’ attached to a recipe, you’re likely to think ‘taste free’ or that you need some special ingredients. I’m so happy to report that this isn’t the case with this egg-free French toast recipe…It’s yummers! OK, But is it really that easy? Little Miss Mini Yummers has an egg allergy, so French toast (or eggy bread as we often call it in the UK) just isn’t an option. Add that to the fact that I’m {Read More}

How to Make Breadsticks for a Lunchbox

  If you haven’t thought about making breadsticks before because you think they’re fiddly and you might as well buy them, then read on… Not Sandwiches Again! One of the biggest problems I find when packing lunches, is how to avoid the usual sandwich-crisps-cookie cycle. Breadsticks are great, because they count as one of their starchy foods (so fill up their little tummies), they help break that s-c-c cycle, but you can incorporate many other ingredients into them or create (or {Read More}

The Great British Bake Off Quiz – Are You a Star Baker?

This baking quiz tests both your baking knowledge and your knowledge of the Great British Bake Off TV show–so let’s see if you’ve been paying attention…   If you enter your email at the end of the quiz, then we’ll send you a yummers recipe that’s perfect for you (according to your score), straight to your inbox. We’ll also add you to our newsletter mailing list so you can keep up with all new Mini Yummers recipes and news. You are {Read More}

5 Easy Things to Make With Kids on a Hot Day

  As much as I love cooking, on a hot day I just do not want to be in the kitchen, so it’s fair to assume the kids don’t either. But if you’re getting fed up of the hot tempers and the “I’m boreds,” then there are some quick and easy things you can make with the kids. When it’s hot, you don’t want the oven on any more than you have to, so these top five makes only require {Read More}

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