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Five Ways to Fun-Up Lunchbox Fruit

“I’m bored with bananas, I don’t like apples, and oranges are too hard to peel!” Does this sound familiar? Well, you aren’t alone. Although we know that eating healthily is important, and that a lot of fruit is really yummy, sometimes it can look a bit sad in our lunchboxes. If fruit is the thing that you look forward to the least at lunchtime, then we have five really cool ways of making it more fun and delicious. 1. Applesauce {Read More}

10 Halloween Treats for Kids to Make

  Mwah ha ha ha [my best evil laugh]. Yes, it’s that’s spooktacular time of the year again, where you can feast on yummy treats and get all dressed up in your most ghoulish outfit. And when it comes to treats, Mini Yummers has got you covered with ten Halloween treats that are great for kids to make–no tricks! We have a mix of sweet and savoury, and even one or two that are a little healthy, but all of them are {Read More}

Simple Dimple Crackers

Would you believe that you can make cracker bread using only 2 ingredients plus some water? It’s true, and these crackers (much like Jewish matzo bread) are easy and quick to make as you don’t have to wait for the yeast–because there isn’t any. This crispy flatbread is the perfect after-school snack, and is yummers with butter, jam, cheese spread, or just enjoyed on its own. Stuff You’ll Need 2 1/2 cups plain flour (plus extra for rolling) 1 cup {Read More}

Trouble-Free Focaccia Bread Recipe

You may not have heard of focaccia bread, but what if I was to tell you that without it, pizza would not have been invented. Imagine a world without pizza! Focaccia is quite a flat bread, but it is very airy and soft, and delicious to eat. It’s a type of Italian bread, and it’s thought to be one of the oldest breads ever invented. Let’s make some 🙂 Stuff You’ll Need 500g (3 1/2 cups) white bread flour (also {Read More}

Cheeky Chilli Chocolate Truffles

“HELP! It’s Valentine’s Day and I haven’t made anything for Mum/Dad/Grandma/Grandpa/Uncle Joe…” No worries! This chocolate truffle recipe has only three main ingredients and the truffles can be made really quickly. A great way to show someone how much you love them. Don’t like chilli? Then you don’t have to include it, but it’s a really cheeky idea to include some in the last few truffles you make, to give your favourite grown-up a spicy surprise 🙂 They’ll never know {Read More}

Healthy Seed Cookies Your Lunchbox Will Love

  If you think the best thing in your lunchbox is the yummy sweet treat at the end, then these healthy seed cookies are perfect for you! Although it’s hard to say that any biscuit is healthy, these seed cookies are much better for you than the ones in bags you buy from the supermarket. These biscuits help to boost your energy levels when scoffed as a mid-morning or after-school snack too. How Are These Cookies Healthy? The seeds give extra {Read More}

How Is Chocolate Made? A Guide for Kids

Is there anything more yummers than chocolate? Nope! We munch our way through tons of the stuff, but have you ever wondered how chocolate is made? Here is an easy guide to show you how chocolate gets made from the cocoa bean to the bar. We’ve included a yummy chocolate chip cookie recipe to try too. It All Starts at the Cacao Tree Cocoa pods on the cacao tree get picked when they are a burgundy brown colour–this is when {Read More}

Where Do Nuts Come From?

We use nuts in loads of recipes on Mini Yummers, and even if you haven’t tried any yet I’m sure you’ve eaten peanut butter, scoffed Nutella chocolate spread, munched on peanut M&Ms, or even snacked on salted or roasted nuts. But have you ever wondered where nuts come from? Do they grow on trees or in the ground? We’ll give you the answers and then we’ll make some delicious and healthy roasted nuts to snack on. What Are Nuts? Nuts {Read More}

Why Do Apples Turn Brown?

Apples make a yummy and healthy treat, but they can be annoying to eat sometimes. And then, if your grown-up has been really helpful and cut them up into pieces for you, they start to go all brown and yucky. Why is that? Apples Turn Brown Because… There is something in apples called PPO (polyphenol oxidase), which is an enzyme. Enzymes are things that do all the work to make sure cells can live their life. Once you cut into {Read More}

What Every Kid Should Know About Chocolate Spread

  The first thing you should know is that making your own chocolate spread is easy, and you don’t even need to use the hob or the oven. The second thing you should know about chocolate spread is that the popular Nutella brand of chocolate spread isn’t as good for you or the planet as you might think. Nutella Ingredients Sugar Palm Oil Hazelnuts Milk powder Cocoa Soy Lecithin – Is an emulsifier and is used to stop the ingredients {Read More}

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