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10 Ways to Get Kids Eating More Veg

The BBC reported this week that 52 out of 100 children in the UK don’t eat a single portion of veg each day. I know it can be difficult to reach the recommended five portions of fruit and veg every day–some days are harder than others–but I was surprised that over half of UK kids don’t eat any veg at all on a daily basis. Here are our top ten ways of getting your kids to eat more veg, with links to {Read More}

Sweetcorn Muffins: Great for the Kids’ Lunchboxes

One of the things I struggle with most, when packing a lunchbox, is how to make veggies more interesting. Day after day of cherry tomatoes or baby corn seem to be the favourite. But these sweetcorn muffins contain veggies, starch, and dairy–so you get 3 of your 5 food groups covered in one recipe 🙂 These veggie-packed muffins make lunchbox packing much easier, and these are easy for kids to make their own too. You might need to pre-grate the {Read More}

Five Ways to Fun-Up Lunchbox Fruit

“I’m bored with bananas, I don’t like apples, and oranges are too hard to peel!” Does this sound familiar? Well, you aren’t alone. Although we know that eating healthily is important, and that a lot of fruit is really yummy, sometimes it can look a bit sad in our lunchboxes. If fruit is the thing that you look forward to the least at lunchtime, then we have five really cool ways of making it more fun and delicious. 1. Applesauce {Read More}

How to Make Falafel the Easy Way

  What are falafel? Falafel are like little burger balls, but they are made from chickpeas instead of meat. They taste really yummy when you stuff them inside pita breads, or when served as part of a main meal. Our version is super easy, with added sweet veggies to make them healthier and more appealing to kids. The traditional type of falafel are deep fried, but we shallow fry ours to boost their healthy properties and to make it safer {Read More}

Easy Cheesy Cauliflower Soup

Think you don’t like cauliflower that much? This easy cheesy cauliflower soup recipe is just the thing to make you change your mind. Soup is one of the best ways of eating vegetables, as sometimes, eating veggies on their own just isn’t that nice. Our butternut squash soup is a big favourite here, but this cauliflower soup is waaaaay easier and quicker to make. It tastes just like cauliflower cheese although is much healthier and doesn’t have that strange texture {Read More}

How to Make Healthy Bread that’s Not Brown

If your grown-up gives you a choice of white or brown bread, I’m betting you choose white every time, right? Well, grown-ups often try and get you to eat more brown bread because it’s usually healthier than white bread, but Mini Yummers has an answer: Healthy white bread! Yep, we’re going to show you how to make healthy bread that’s not brown. In fact it’s called Brilliant Butter Bean Bread, and it’s easier to make than regular white bread, as {Read More}

Easy Carrot Cake Cupcakes

“If these cakes have veggies in them, does it mean they are a healthy snack?” Ummm, no. These carrot cake cupcakes might be healthier than most, but they are still very much a treat food. However, making yummy cakes that use carrots and oil as two of the main ingredients, are definitely healthier than cakes that use butter and chocolate as their main ingredients, so we can enjoy this little treat every now and then without too much worry. Did {Read More}

How to Make Butternut Squash Soup

Like many kids, Miss Mini Yummers isn’t a fan of vegetables, and yet she will cheerfully polish off a bowl (or two) of this delicious veggie-packed soup every time I make it. So it’s about time she, and you fellow mini yummers, learned how to make this yummy butternut squash soup. Even if you aren’t keen on vegetables usually, I guarantee you will love this recipe. There’s some preparation of vegetables where you will need a grown-up’s help, but we’ve tried {Read More}

How to Make Pita Bread the Easy Way

“I’m getting really bored with the sandwiches in my lunchbox!” If this sounds like you, then it’s time you learned how to make pita bread, pitta bread, or pita pockets–whichever way you say it, they are just as easy to make! As pitas are little flatbreads, they are made and baked waaaay quicker than the usual loaf of bread. We’ve cut out some of the unnecessary steps to make them even easier for kids to make, and we’ve used wholemeal {Read More}

Welsh Bara Brith: Yummy Cake for St. David’s Day

Spring is here! I’m sure I just saw some sunshine, and there are definitely daffodils trying their best to push through all that boggy mud. And daffodils mean St. David’s Day, which means it’s time for some traditional Welsh food. Bara Brith, make your entrance… It’s not often that a recipe covers three Mini Yummers topics in one, but this traditional Welsh Bara Brith has it all: It’s healthy and delicious–no butter and only a small amount of sugar make {Read More}

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